Rosie Strain Dramatherapy

 The Three Turtles - An Independent Performance Company

For the past three years with a colleague, Rebecca Paten (a Bristol based Eurythmist - we have been developing The Three Turtles, a Storytelling and Eurythmy Experience which was conceived and currently runs  at St Christopher’s School for Children in Need of Special Care in Bristol. Our aim is to mark the cultural events, religious and seasonal festivals by enriching storytelling with eurythmy movements, adding a performance element to the interactive quality of the narrative. The combination of the gentle healing movements of Eurythmy with the auditory experience of popular storytelling brings greater harmony to the vulnerable or unwell person by placing emphasis on their wellbeing as a whole.  Our aim is to create a nourishing and harmonizing effect on the soul by giving the eyes, ears and hands a symbiotic experience, addressing the threefold aspects of the human being: the thinking Head, the feeling Heart and the doing Hands. This has the purpose of supporting and honouring the integrity of the human being while also addressing their Social, Emotional and Spiritual development and we are currently in the process of expanding as a Social Initiative.

We have recently invited our ‘Third Turtle’ on board, felt-maker and storyteller, Skye Meredith, with the purpose of developing the project further to include the handwork element of Felting, integrating the Head(story) with the Heart (performance) into engaging practically with the Hand.

The Three Turtles' performances also endeavour to support further links with the wider community, developing those connections in a way that sustains and enhances the cultural ethos of an organisation, inviting to the performance current and present families, staff, students, friends and supporters of the organisation we are performing in. We strongly believe that this link with the wider social community is a relevant modern question for all social, medical and therapeutic organisations.

If you are interested in this, please read our proposal here which outlines how these Eurythmy Stories deliver ideas of moral, social and cultural growth in the human being, regardless of physical or emotional difficulties. You can also read in detail about the scope of our work, our objectives, and further development of our intentions.

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