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Training and Continuing Professional Development

Creative Arts Practitioners, Therapists, Teachers, Counsellors, Professional Groups

Are you interested in developing yourself through reflection and creative exploration with your colleagues, friends or peer group?

Do you feel isolated in your practice without professional development or peer support? Are you looking to explore the value of shared practice?

Would you like to experience the possibilities and benefits of a space which offers peer support, reflection on practice and the sharing of current challenges and ongoing professional questions?

Whether being in freelance, private or employed practice there are great benefits to be found in working together within a group of peers or colleagues to develop skills, explore personal dynamics or resolve difficult issues.

Group workshops and training days within the framework of experiential work supports an important balance; to explore ongoing clinical or educational learning practices, methods and models and the essential value of developing individual skills and expertise within the working environment. Creative and playful CPD whether a requirement or a request hold the personal benefits that a group of peers in the same profession can offer. From the value of sharing each other’s successful practice, developing oneself through reflection and peer feedback to getting involved in one another’s professional journeys.

As well as those in the Arts, Healing or Educational settings Creative CPD workshops can benefit any business or organisation looking to improve and develop professional and personal working practices.  

Training & CPD:

I offer a range of workshops and trainings on various subjects, including:

  • Therapeutic Storymaking
  • Working Creatively with Special Needs & Challenging Behaviour
  • The Importance of Safety & Care in the Therapeutic Space
  • Storytelling with Children or Adults
  • Using Drama as a Therapeutic Tool in the Classroom
  • Teacher-in-Role; Acting in the Classroom

Professional Development:

  • Communication & Listening Skills
  • Honesty and Feedback in the Workplace
  • Peer Support & Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Safe working practices with vulnerable people

Bespoke Workshops:

If there is something that is specific to your group or organisation that you would like to address through dramatic or creative means, please contact me to discuss this further.

Additionally, please see the Latest News section for current Training and CPD workshops on offer.

The Training Space



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