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 "Rosie has an incredible intuition and empathy that really helps and supports you to see things in a new perspective, whilst feeling so understood. I feel I was able to slowly make the changes in how I viewed and expressed myself, without feeling like it was hard work, it just kind of crept up on me. Rosie knows when creative work is needed and will gently steer the way, whilst allowing me to feel comfortable and to be nudged outside of my comfort zone. We used a combination or painting, story boards, story work, sand pits and other metaphorical work that really allowed me to understand and express things in a deeper. I feel that although most of the time we talked, using creative expression allows for a more indirect way of expression and Rosie supports this very delicately so that you don't feel vulnerable. I have felt myself lift out of old patterns of thinking, by changing my wording and self depreciation to a more positive expression, and am now much more able to balance myself out. I am so grateful to Rosie for showing me how capable I am at managing my own emotional world, and would recommend her very highly." I.T.

"Rosie has been my personal therapist for just over a year. I have found my time as Rosie's client truly transformational. It has been a great gift to work with such a supportive, intuitive and understanding therapist. It has not always been an easy process as I have confronted some difficult and challenging times in the therapeutic journey; however I always felt encouraged, accepted and held by Rosie in the safe and non-judgmental therapeutic environment that she creates. I have benefited so much from our work together and cannot recommend her highly enough." K.M. 

 "Rosie is a profoundly intuitive dramatherapist able to meet her clients needs in the present moment with genuine care and expertise. Rosie has been my personal dramatherapist for almost a year and I honestly do not know where I would be without her support during this time. It is difficult to reduce the process to words as it is a felt experience which reaches great depths. Within her work with me (a trainee dramatherapist) Rosie has also modelled an empathetic and skilled practice that i have learned a great deal from. I could not recommend Rosie enough as someone able to hold, contain and be with you alongside you in what is often an exciting but very difficult and painful journey". - A.N.

"I was the first dramatherapy student Rosie mentored and thanks to her time, her support and her skills as a practitioner, the experience a fantastic learning opportunity. The four month placement was an valuable insight into the workings of group dramatherapy and the success of using storymaking methods with young people with profound learning difficulties and their carers. I have since gone on to use elements of what I learned with Rosie in my own practice." - B.J.

"Rosie is not only professional and conscientious, but also appreciates every single person as a unique individual despite of ability or any problem that they might have. She for quite a few years now has been taking many of our pupils and their carers on wonderful journeys to the magical world of stories, and offered them the key to unlock their own hidden potentials. I'd encourage anyone to shed their inhibitions and allow Rosie to take and guide them into a world where everything is possible." - Attila Jardan - Activity Coordinator, St. Christopher's School, Bristol

"As a Drama student on placement with Rosie I was gently led into an exploration of what drama Therapy really is. An opportunity to provide, space and time to creatively connect with our true self. Her deeply nurturing ability towards her work is inspiring and the rapport I witnessed between her and her groups is simply captivating. Her sessions are tailor made for the specific group's needs/ strengths and weaknesses. The atmosphere is relaxed, safe and engaging, her story telling facilitation is truly fabulous, her inclusivity through story making is one of her many strengths. Whether through verbal or non-verbal means many fun and meaningful adventures were had in our story our groups!

The supervision I received throughout my placement was encouraging, supportive and a place where  personal growth could be recognised and explored as well as anything that proved challenging. Rosie's approach provided time for me to arrive at an understanding whether positive or challenging in the security that I would be not be journeying through the discovery alone.  Simply put, after spending time working with and alongside Rosie I felt encouraged, developed, confident and released to truly be me!"-T.P.

"Rosie has worked in our community as a therapist since 2007. She works with individuals as well as groups and is always professional, on time and well prepared and interested in the well being of the community and the people she works with. Rosie works well within the team and and continues to develop her skills. I feel she is an asset to our community both professionally as well as socially." - Gitte Knudsen, Manager - Cherry Orchards Camphill Community

"Working with the Rosie was a fantastic, creative and magical insight into the potential  of Dramatherapy. During this journey, I experienced a carefully held and supportive interaction with a highly professional individual." R. Pereira


Rosie Strain Dramatherapist

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